Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Shhh! Don't Tell, But I Love _____

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What would show up if we have one day of the Slice of Life Challenge dedicated to secret obsessions? Ramona got me thinking about it with this post

The idea reminded me of Glee - both because Glee could be a secret obsession itself and because Glee had episodes dealing with some of the characters secret obsessions. In the episode, "Guilty Pleasures", this is the thread running among the storylines with secret musical obsessions like Wham and Barry Manilow, as well as unspoken love interests. It is possible that three of the four previously mentioned possibilities could be attributed to me. (No secret love interests here, sorry for killing the suspense.)

What else do I or have I obsessed about?

Most recently Hamilton would fall into this category. I read the book, listened to the soundtrack excessively, watched every Ham4Ham, listened to every interview, and followed the original cast on social media.

My first secret obsession? Menudo. The first boy band of my generation was fueled by Bop magazine. My love for Ricky Martin didn't die when he became a solo artist. In fact, I will still get up and dance when ever his tunes are played. 

Anyone else?

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