Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Whisker Free Zone

Grace loves kisses. She kisses someone on the cheek to wake them up. She kisses me right on the lips, usually with a bunch of slobber. She likes being kissed too. What she doesn't like are whiskers. At the end of the day she will only kiss Daddy on the forehead - a whisker free zone.

This wasn't always the case. She became very aware of facial hair on a camping trip this summer when Daddy was growing a beard.

As twilight deepened and time for bed approached she would go around and give everyone hugs and kisses - unless they had facial hair. Daddy, Papa Jim, and Grandpa were very intentionally shunned from this ritual.

That's all it took! The next day Daddy shaved, but ever since then Grace has been very aware of whiskers and whisker free zones.


  1. I am with you Grace. But i have a different reason for the avoidance. Facial hair freaks me out. I was deathly afraid of Santa Claus.
    No sitting on Papa Noel's lap for me!

  2. I love how you started that line by saying "As twilight deepened"! It was so descriptive and rich. What a a great slice of life about a small but important important moment with Grace.

  3. Fun story. My husband has always had a beard, & my daughter didn't mind, but one day he decided to shave it off (a long time ago), & she wouldn't go near him, said he wasn't really her daddy. I love how you captured the way Grace loves kisses, especially those whisker-free zones! Won't she love the story when she gets older!

  4. That's the best way to have someone wake you up. I like the way Grace makes her point. She knows how to get things done.

  5. I love that Grace's daddy shaved so he wouldn't lose her kisses! Great title!