Tuesday, December 6, 2011

St. Nicholas Day

Somehow I made it to Thanksgiving. Since that is just a normal weekend around here it doesn't seem that impressive, but still, Thanksgiving marks the true beginning of the holidays, right? Friday morning I decorated the house, hauling out the tree, testing lights, and letting the two year old help with the ornaments and decorations. The mp3 player set to The Best of Christmas in the Northwest and then Ring We Now Noel. Sunday brought the first true day of Advent, the start of the Church year. Getting on the plane and flying home still seems very far away and actually gathering together with family currently is only believable as theory. Today, December 6th, somehow feels like the final hurdle.

Today is St. Nicholas Day. Who was St. Nicholas? Here is a full recap and here are more kid friendly stories. He was a bishop who was known for his generosity. He died 1668 years ago today and was later sainted. It is his life that inspired Santa. We celebrate St. Nicholas Day as a way to separate Santa from Christmas without removing him entirely.


This morning we donned our Santa hats, found our stockings under the Christmas tree, opened the small gifts that were left for us, and talked about who St. Nicholas was. G often drops the first part of people's names - the 'Mrs.', 'Mr.', or 'Grandma'. Today it was the 'Saint'. Perhaps she is too reformed. She was wishing people "Happy Nicholas Day!"

Ideally today is the last day of Santa songs and decorations in our house. That may be why I feel like I have finally made it. The commercialism and stuff is behind us. From here on out it is all about waiting for the mystery of Christmas, waiting for Jesus' birthday.

(And then comes the Twelve Days of Christmas and Epiphany.)



  1. It is fascinating to read how different people prepare for holidays. Thank you for sharing a slice of your traditions. In my family in December each night little elves bring tiny gifts (candy, oranges, chewing gum, or stickers) for children. I haven't put out any decorations yet. The Christmas Tree arrives only few days before Christmas. I have not listened to holiday songs, nor have I been to the stores to see the glitter. The holiday mood arrives usually when the school is over.
    Have a peaceful holiday season,

  2. I'm glad you fixed your comment problem - I always feel terrible when I want to comment on blogs and can't. I, too, love reading of traditions.

  3. Love your pic. My husband started the tradition of St. Nicholas Day at our house when the kids were small. The kids still put their shoes out on the hearth and we put a small treat or gift inside with a note.