Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yup, only two links this week

A well written article about the non Palestinians living in the West Bank, illegally. Unlawful, Unresolved: Israeli Settlers in Foreign Land by Graham Peebles


When I first saw a picture of the Concordia my stomach lurched. I have been taking it all in ever since. The captain of the Costa Condordia, Francesco Schettino, unfortunately turned out to not be a great captain. Which article to share with you about that? How about this one. The story that we are not hearing much of is the work the crew did to safely evacuate over 4,000 people, in less than two hours, on an extremely listing ship, in the dark. In a previous life I worked for a cruise company including a chunk of months on board. I look forward to the time when the stories of those crew members, doing their jobs and saving lives, are told.

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