Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Grumpy! That would summarize yesterday afternoon. She is three and tired, which equals grumpy. From the moment I picked her up from class tears were sprouting at the drop of a hat. A couple of full-blown, raging screams came out. Lots of whimpering and whining.

I moved up the evening timeline. Instead of playing for half an hour before dinner we went straight from; shoes off, wash hands, and a cup of juice to dinner.


I had left over spaghetti in the fridge and she loves spaghetti. Easy. We could then skip after dinner playing and the trampoline and head upstairs for a bath. Perhaps read an 'bonus' book or two. Bedtime would be early, that part was for sure. (We ended up even skipping the bath.)

We sit down at the table, light the Christ candle, say 'blessing', and start dinner.

"Unpleasant!" she says as she tries her first bite and turns up her nose.

I can't even be concerned with what she thinks about dinner, (which she does finish without any coaxing) as I am taken aback by her vocabulary. Where does she come up with this stuff?

(I am also pleased to see her true self peak out, at least for a few seconds before the grumpies return.)

She proceeds to explain that "unpleasant" means you don't like something and "pleasant" means you do.

Yup, she understands her new word and is putting it into context.

Daddy was still at school as all of this was happening. I was telling him about it later in the evening. He shook his head as he rolled his eyes.

Today after school she was still taking her shoes off as we had gone into the bathroom to wash our hands.

"Unpleasant!" she says again.

I poke Daddy. "Did you hear her?" He looks at me puzzled as she repeats herself, coming around the corner sniffing the sock she just removed from her sweaty, little foot.


Yup, she knows what it means!


  1. Now that use of expanding vocabulary must have been a delightful surprise in the midst the "grumpies". Thank you for capturing and sharing it. Pleasant.

  2. Ha! Love the stories, Kristi. What a big word for a little girl. My daughter & I are astounded with the stuff her 3 year old comes up with too. The emerging language is such fun. Thank you & Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Kristi,
    Your story makes me smile. I love when kids pick up big words. I bet she's going to be a writer. :)