Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Thinker - Part Two

Friday, the second day in our weekend, we went out for a driving adventure - a "Sunday" drive. Our destination was Ta'if, about 175 kilometers east and 6000 feet up.

About three quarters of the way there G decides she is tired and wants to take a nap. We tell her to go ahead. She hesitates. I tell her we will wake her up if there is anything exciting.

She ponders this and then replies, "OK. Wake me up if there are any camels."

She then adds, "camels or playgrounds."

She didn't say anything about the baboons, so we didn't wake her. (Don't worry, she got to see them on the way back.)

And please don't tell her, but we didn't stop for the several playground sitting out in the direct sunlight.

Camels? We didn't see any while she was sleeping, but we had seen these previously. So, for those of you who thought it was a random request on her part - it wasn't.

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