Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Lord of the Rings" and Syria


We have been watching the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy recently. Last night, as we watched the epic battle in "Return of the King" begin, I found myself losing heart. (And I know how it ends, I've read the books!) In the face of seemingly insurmountable evil I do not see how things can possibly turn out 'right'. I know they do, but I have no recollection of the twists and turns it takes to get there.
I was reminded of the horrible things that are happening everyday in Syria. I can not imagine how there will ever be a way out of the mess and tragedy.

I sat right here, just a few days ago, and heard friends share of the atrocities that were happening, at that very moment, in Christian villages less than 100 miles from here.

My heart is heavy.

The thing is, as a believer, I know there will be, at some point, an end to the evil. Goodness will prevail. I just have no idea of the twists and turns it will take to get there.

I am thankful Someone greater has a plan.
It sucks that evil gets its 'day'.
I yearn for the 'happy ending'.


  1. Yes, even though we KNOW the ending, in the midst of evil, we have heavy hearts. Well written.

  2. Syria has dropped out of the news here in the U.S., even as greater evil goes on. I am not a believer - although, at times like this, I wish I had it in me to believe.