Wednesday, July 16, 2014

More proof – She’s a reader

We went up to the library to get some new books and attend Story Time. Our ritual is to spend 30 minutes before Story Time hunting for the perfect books. My five year old daughter found her ten, checked them out, and with a few minutes before Story Time asked if she could read them.

“Of course!” is the only answer that makes sense to me.

I had spent the time going through the online catalog and adding books to my hold list. (I use my Amazon cart ‘saved for later’ as a place holder of books I want to read.) There were also several titles that were listed as ‘available’. When she was content to read, I headed upstairs to the YA section to grab a few titles. The librarian up there is also a friend of mine so it was about ten minutes before I showed up in the Story Time room.

My daughter was on her carpet square, right where I had left her. There was a story being read, but my daughter was only half paying attention. As she told me later, she had her nose stuck in a really good book.

When we got home she settled herself on the couch, plopped her library bag next to her, and dug in. She didn’t ask either of us to read to her so we each sat with a book of our own.

I love that at five these are moments of our lives.


  1. Fabulous moment to share. Isn't it fun that she already knows the phrase, "nose stuck in a book"? Kristi, it sounds like you're in Seattle. I love it when I discover a fellow blogger in my neck of the woods. Your time sounds extremely busy, but maybe someday we can meet when you're home on vacation.