Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Little Miss Hospitality

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Just over a week ago my five year old daughter asked if we could invite some guests over for dinner. In particular she had seen each part of a teaching couple over the course of a couple days and asked when we could invite them.

I love that she knows our home is a place to share space and meals with other people.

I love that she knows she is part of the family and can suggest possible guest lists.

Today was the day.

When she heard the buzzer she hurried to the door to wait for the elevator and then opening our door, welcomed them to our home. This was their first time visiting our home and she proceeded to give them the tour.

(Her sense of hospitality continues, welcoming them in and wanting them to feel comfortable in our space.)

It was quickly obvious that she has paid attention as I have shown people our home. When she entered the kitchen she went directly to the storage features that are unheard of in this part of the world, and proudly pointed them out.

Her favorite place to end the tour is her room, naturally. She loves her space and wants other people to enjoy it as well. Our guests were happy to oblige and I didn’t need to ‘help’ the conversation as she is a primary grade teacher and he is paying attention as they think about starting a family.

She carefully thought about who should sit where at the dinner table, placing the cloth napkin for each person and inviting them to sit. The conversation was child friendly and often engaging her specifically and directly.

Before heading to bed she read them a book and gave high fives, fist bumps, and hugs.

The entire evening was enjoyable, with a couple hours of adult conversation as well. But, the part I enjoyed the most was seeing my “Little Miss Hospitality”.

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