Friday, November 14, 2014

Job Evaluation

I realized, as I had two minutes for a bathroom break in the midst of back to back to back twenty minutes parent/teacher conferences, that these conferences are truly the evaluation of my work.

Does that sound backwards? Most would offer the portfolios as an evaluation of student work. The portfolios are actually just a portion of a conference.

What I realized is that a twenty minute conversation with parents reflects on if I truly know their child, as a person and as a learner. Can I share what makes them joyous and what turns them grumpy? Do I know what they are working on to strengthen their reading? Can I share what their next step is in order to raise the level of their writing? Am I able to articulate how they approach word problems in math?

If I can’t show that I know a child thoroughly nor demonstrate that the child has opportunities to grow as a learner and as a person than I am not doing my job well.

What do you think?

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