Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Three Degrees of Separation

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I head to bed with a happy heart tonight. This past Sunday was Eastern Orthodox Easter so many international schools around the region are on Spring Break. As a result there are several folks we know vacationing here in Beirut.

With our crazy schedule and having a short week after returning from our own Spring Break I wasn’t sure how it was going to work to get to see everyone. The short version is that everyone ended up at our home!

They say there are seven degrees of separation amongst everyone in the world. Within international schools that is much smaller. One couple we had worked with in Amman. They are from Minnesota and now that their kids are in college they are back overseas (in Amman, but at a different school). The other three ladies we worked with in Jeddah. None of them are still there. In fact none of them live in the same place. One is Lebanese and has moved home. One is American and is now in Doha. One is Indian and is now in Dubai. These two groupings met for the first time tonight and the world just got smaller.

It was a wonderful evening of catching up on families, talking about schools, discussing the current state and future of education, chatting about vacation spots, and generally enjoying one another’s company.

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