Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Few Poems

For Poetry Month I've been trying to get some of my own work down using the strategies my class has been trying. One thing we have done is to take four nouns (ocean, fire, tree, night) and use them as inspiration with different things. The four words have been fun to work with and have brought a huge amount of diversity in poems. Here are a few of mine.


Indigo turning to ebony

and the stars pop out
one by one

Light fades
Darkness engulfs everything
Night doesn't care if you are
big or little
rich or poor
brilliant or not-so-much
It wraps you up and holds you - 
for hours and hours and hours


Carrot and saffron tipped
with rubies
Dance and crackle
I lean closer, trying
to keep warm

Strike of a wood match
Flame creeps slowly taking o'er
The fire dance begins


  1. Love having a few words to inspire, Amy. It is always a surprise to see what people create with them. All these are special, but I do love "Carrot and saffron tipped
    with rubies" especially.

  2. Great poems! My favorite is the one that starts "Light fades" I love that time of night when everything kind of slows down. :) Thanks for sharing your work with us.