Tuesday, November 1, 2016

No Longer Invisible

Thankful to be on the ground in my destination city after a day of travel and really ready to be at the hotel, grab some dinner, and get some sleep. As the traffic both zipped and crawled along the path of pavement my mind wandered. The vehicle came to a rest and my gaze shifted from the front to side window and I was taken aback to find a man staring at me.

At that moment several thoughts passed through my mind...

Wow! He is looking RIGHT at me, as if he can see me. I am no longer invisible.

Oh! I am not in my truck with the windows tinted as dark as possible - he CAN see me.

Note to self - this is how most of the world lives. Most of the world lives with the ability to look at one another. Most of the world can choose to acknowledge every person they pass by at least looking in their eyes.


  1. I'm curious why you have your windows tinted as dark as possible? I see that from time to time and I can't see the driver at all--it is strange. I wonder if next Tuesday's slice of life can be about this choice to hide in a car that is able to shield you from the world around you? Or is it a nice, cozy shelter from the craziness of the world around you?

    1. Great question! Living in Saudi the darkened windows are twofold; one is for the sun and the other is for privacy, particularly in what I am wearing on longer car rides.