Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Untitled Advent Poem

The prophets have set the stage
over and over.
They were listening.
They tried to prepare us.

Mary & Joseph are trudging
over hill and dale.
90 miles is not an easy walk
and one of them is pregnant,
very pregnant.

The shepherds have no idea that they
will soon be illuminated - 
in the night
and in their hearts.

The magi are always seeking,
yet not yet following The star
that leads to The One!

Where do I fit into this story?
This story that was first told ages ago

and yet is told again and again each Advent 
as the Church starts a new year
This story that still has a place for me.

Am I listening?
Am I journeying?

Shall I allow the Light in?
Will I seek The One?


  1. This story that still has a place for me...powerful words.

  2. "Will I seek The One?" Such an important question each year. Thanks for this beautiful advent poem