Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Fresh Look

The sports banquet is tonight. We don't have time to get home and back, so we spend the time at school. My husband's time seems to fill with meetings. Assessments are scattered across my desk, among open resources for tweaking my teaching plans to fit what I have learned about my students today. When after school activities finish my daughter joins me. She asks if we can read.

"Of course!" is my response as I arrange the pillows for us to snuggle up. She grabs Intersteller Cinderella. As soon as I close that book she scampers off to grab Ida Twist, Scientist. I close that book, she pauses with a content smile on her face, and then is off to pluck Iggy Peck, Architect.

"Would you like to re-read it to yourself?" I ask, trying to get a bit more work accomplished.

She returns with Spoon as her response.

"Let's go see how things are looking in the gym." I suggest as I need to get some movement in before we sit all evening. When we return to my room, after oohing and ahhing over the decorations she pauses and looks around my room.

"You have SO many books!"

"Doesn't every classroom have lots of books?" 

"But yours are really good books!"

I smiled as she went about rediscovering things in my room and I worked through some more stacks on my desk. My smile was because she's right. I do have good books. I work hard to ensure that I do. It's fun to watch her develop as a reader and notice these things for herself. 

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