Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Restraining the Eye Roll

Most families don't commute together. Since we all attend the same school we are piling into rushing through our morning to ensure we can pull out on time in the morning. We often listen to audiobooks, but prior to pressings 'play' we make sure that anything that needs to be said has a chance to come to light. 

Family discussions in the car on the way to school cover a wide range of topics, but I never thought I would hear, "Well. I know it could happen because I've seen "Barbie Princess Charm School" and they..."

I stopped listening and stifled my chuckle.

Now that I've had a chance to step back and reflect on her comment my first response is to chuckle and roll my eyes, but right after that I realize that the fact that she is completely engaged in the conversation. She is thinking about what we are saying and pulling from her experience to find a place to engage. 

Perhaps my parenting win for the day is what I didn't do. I didn't laugh out loud. I didn't point out the fictional aspect of the storyline she was relating to. I didn't comment on the probability of the absurd scenario that the Barbie Princess storyline.

I did press "play" and let Amber Brown take us to a different place.

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