Tuesday, February 20, 2018

OLW - Huge Confession

I'm not a OLW fan.

I said it.

Are you still reading? 
I half expect that after such a statement I'm kicked out of many communities. 

In fact, I closed my eyes as I clicked 'publish' for this post.

Since OLW became a thing a few years ago I noticed that I would scroll past all of those posts. I stopped and reflected. I paused and pondered. While I appreciate that having a focus for the year is helpful for, it seems like, all the rest of you - I couldn't authentically join the fun.

I appreciate that having OLW gives you a focus. I can see how having a lens through which to view your year can bring you purpose. I'm glad it works for you.

It doesn't for me.

Now you know.


  1. I read your post with an ironic chuckle. I've picked a OLW for the last three or four years, but last year did nothing with it. This year I'm surrounded by it, but have yet to truly change my perspective because of it.

    I'm a firm believer that everyone finds their own path, leaving the ones that don't work for them. Kudos for recognizing that for yourself!

  2. Love this, Kristi!
    We don't have to all be alike! I find #OLW helps me be more intentional but that wasn't always the case. I'm sure that you hit your goals in other ways!

  3. Funny you say this. Last year I held onto my OLW all year. This year, not so much. I wonder what next year will bring.

  4. I think one of the things I love best about this community is that we are all different. There is nothing in the world that "works" for everyone, so why should a OLW be any different. Be you and keep it real!

  5. Just think....maybe some of our writing prompts just don't work for our kids either! Freedom in writing....let this be our mantra! LOL

  6. Kristi, I love your slice. I gave olw a try last year... and didn't go anywhere with it. So I didn't give it much thought this year. I think I'm such a word lover I can't focus with one all year.