Sunday, November 27, 2011

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

November 29th has been the U.N.'s International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People since 1977. Palestine has been partitioned since the 29th of November 1947. What does that mean? The 'land without a people' has had its native population displaced for 64 years. In honor of the Palestinian people and their unique challenges, let me share a few articles with you.

Here is The Independent's article about touring Hebron with the focus of the tour on the intentional abuse of the Palestinians. Seeing is believing and I have been to Hebron to see this with my own eyes.

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The olive harvest is what first took me to Palestine. Years later I am still trying to get my head around all I saw and experienced. When I do I will write about it myself. Until then I have to share what others have written like this article from the Guardian.

Uri Avnery writes a fascinating piece on the "Boycott Law" within Israel itself, which can be found here. One day after it was enacted into law there was already a 22 page application submitted to the Israeli Supreme Court trying to annul it. What causes such a strong reaction? Will the law stand? What would Charles Boycott think?

Archaeologies or law-breaking grave-diggers. Intrigued? Here is the article.

Two Israeli human rights groups have published a report in which they claim, among other things, "that [many doctors] allow Israeli Security Agency interrogators to use torture; approve the use of forbidden interrogation methods and the ill-treatment of helpless detainees; and conceal information, thereby allowing total immunity for the torturers." The Guardian reported on it here.

So, no matter what your background is please take a moment on Tuesday to think of the plight of the Palestinians. I bet you can find something in their situation to rally behind.
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