Tuesday, November 1, 2011




Ding-Dong     Ding-Dong  Ding-Dong Knock      Knock Knock  Knock

I was only ten feet from the door, but whoever was outside was anxious to have the door open. I grabbed the yellow bowl full of lollipops and opened the door. Before me stood three Arab boys, about 12 years old, dressed in jeans and t-shirts rustling plastic grocery bags.

“Happy Halloween” they say, in near unison. Ah, I think to myself. This is a scene I want to capture on film. This is my moment to train the “natives” on American customs.

You need to say ‘trick-or-treat’ I tell the adolescent boys. “Trick-or-treat” they each say as they grab for a couple of lollipops. They turn and head off grinning. I figure they were thinking they just discovered the best way to get free candy, ever!

(Perhaps next year I should have face paint to teach the costume aspect of the ritual.)


  1. Those older kids who come by, no matter what, seem to be gleeful for the sugar. Fun that you found a way to show these boys the way!

  2. Your grabber lead added to the excitement. I liked your thinking you sprinkled in.
    My oldest son and friends went trick or treating in a neighborhood who invited high school students. I thought that was nice.

  3. I am a stickler about saying "trick or treat" at my house too. So many kids (even the little ones) just hold out their bags. I insist upon interaction, but I really love Halloween because of the moment you describe at the end: the running off giggling!