Tuesday, September 25, 2012

In my house, this is the 'B' word

Warning: This may offend some readers. My personal opinion follows…

There is a dufus of a dinosaur. He is purple and green and not allowed in my house. In fact, I consider his name the “B” word.

Why don’t I like him? Well, I will admit that I have never watched more than a few seconds of his show at once. It is the bumbling way in which he moves and the tone of his voice that grate on me and I can’t get past.

We’ve all had the experience of looking ahead to future grade levels and wondering who our teacher might be. There may be things you hope to be a part of or hope to avoid.

Well, for the past few years I have watched one Pre-K 3 teacher use this dinosaur at the beginning of each school year. To be honest, it was reason enough for me to not want my daughter to be in that class. (Even though I think she is a lovely person and a good teacher.)

So, can you guess where this is going?

Yes – this is my daughter’s class and this is the week they are painting Barney.


My little one is so excited that is has wanted to talk about it every, single, day. Oh joy!

I even found myself using it as a motivating factor, “You need to hurry up so you can get to school and paint your Barney.”

Really? That came out of my mouth?

I can assure you, her Barney, no matter how wonderfully it is painted or how cute the googly eyes are, won’t be one of the pieces of ‘art’ work I keep from this year. (Good thing I took the picture.)


  1. Your post brought so many memories! I can't believe that they are still showing "B"! It has been years and years since my daughter used to watch him....Just be grateful you have digital cameras these days for pictures....

  2. Like Jaana, I thought it was over, Kristi. So sorry for this cute little bump in your road (te he). I want to tell you it's just the beginning of your kids being in a place that you can barely abide. Wait till the multiple piercings! No-I'm just teasing, my daughter who did quite a few different things does not have multiple piercings. You've made me chuckle over this. It is just the way it works, isn't it?

  3. This post makes me smile in the same way I would smile if my kid came home and told me his teacher read a DISNEY story! Yet, the bigger picture is that these are all just slices of life - and someday will contribute to critical literacy - or at least we can all home!

  4. I fully support strong feelings toward children's TV characters. In our house, my husband and I can't stand Caillou and his whiny ways even though both of our boys went through very pro-Caillou phases.

    I've really only seen Barney once. Can't way that I'll make it a point of adding him into the rotation!

  5. HATED Barney with a passion - he was everything I thought wrong with kids' TV, so I fully empathize. Now, my kids are grown and feel exactly the same way. There is justice in this world!

  6. Funny. I'd have thought Barney was outdated. :-P

  7. I loved Barney; Dora the Explorer, on the other hand....