Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Routines came as easily as breathing to students by the end of last year, so much so that I nearly forgotten how much work it takes to get them in place. This year the challenge has multiplied as I move to middle school with have four sections plus an elective.

The elective part is fine, but I find repeating myself over and over can be a bit tiresome. I have to remind myself that the kids in front of me haven't done anything wrong. They aren't forgetting the routines I have tried to establish three times already. They are simply the fourth round.

Tomorrow concludes our second week of school, however after a couple of days of orientation it means that I will be completing my fourth actual day of class with each section. We didn't have supplies until this week so most sections have only had one day with everything in place. When I remember this it is no wonder there are still big bumps to be slowed down for.

medium_3491054216_speed bumpBy justonlysteve

They will get there. Just a few more bumps and we can start cruising.


  1. Your post made me think of the phrase, slow down now so you can move fast later. I know the repetition for four classes gets tedious, but you know the benefits of having those routines in place. It will all come together soon.

  2. It is a joy when you see students embrace those routines. Keep plugging along! Your are right - they will get there!

  3. I send you good wishes so that all those 'bumps' will smooth out very soon. Your repetitiions remind me of conferences, especially at the beginning of school. By the 6th or 7th I began to wonder if I'd already explained something. It was tough. Thanks for sharing these beginnings!