Thursday, February 28, 2013

Round Two!


I am not sure how the calendar got to March already. It is not that last March seems very recent, (these adventures seems like eons ago). It is just that it seems like it is still January. I feel like I have barely started into the second half of this school year.

But, that is not what the calendar says. If definitively says today is March 1st so I begin my second year of daily Slice of Life Challenge.

It is the SOLC that got me thinking about blogging in the first place. This, plus being convicted that if I expect my students to be writing I need to be doing it too.

It is very hard for me to believe that this is my 166th post. During the school year I get into a rhythm, a pattern. There are large stretches of hiatus when we are on vacation. It is not that vacation doesn't give me ample to write about, but I have yet to make it a common practice when I am out of my routine.

I look forward to this month. To this challenge. To this community. To the great exercise of 'having' to have words to put 'out there', to publish.

Here we go!


(If you are just curious or looking for a writing challenge of your own, with an amazingly supportive community, check out the link for the Slice of Life Challenge. I always embed it in the logo at the top.)


  1. Best of wishes, Kristi, for all your March writing!

  2. You are so right about the RHYTHM of writing - for teachers as well as for students!

  3. I know that "it's still January" feeling! It definitely seems as if the school week pushes time forward faster. Happy writing this month and beyond!

  4. March did seem to arrive sooner this year...looking forward to slicing with you, Kristi!

  5. I'm glad you sliced year 'round and you are back for another month long challenge. Your words matter to me.

  6. I agree, somehow those first two calendar pages just flew by. Looking forward to your slices.

  7. It is hard to believe it is March! This is my first challenge, and I look forward to dusting off my writing skills to practice along with my students.