Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Belfast Blessed - The Un-Slice

Why "The Un-Slice"? There is no official Slice of Life this week, but it has become part of my rhythm - my routine. So, today I sit down to Slice. It is Tuesday and this is part of my week. The ideas ebb and flow, but this one day something will find its way to print. I know there will be others to "Un-Slice". Those that pop into my Reader I will visit with a sense of familiarity. Perhaps I will tweet this post as well and find a few new Slices to read through the Twitter community. Ruth and Stacey, you have created something that is large and welcoming and wonderful. Thank you and enjoy your respite.


I have gotten the 500+ photos (that's after deleting bunches) sorted and 34 visual posts up on my family's blog. What I haven't done is write a reflections of our trip.

Our time in Belfast was a welcome respite in the middle of the school year. We spent nine days enjoying the fellowship of dear friends with the added bonus of getting to see Northern Ireland. I have been pondering how best to sum up the trip and can't seem to come up with the perfect way.

The email I received from Michelle when we got home touches on much of what I will hold dear. I want to get my own version down (though I have considered copying and pasting hers). Mine could take the form of a list. Or recipes. The photos capture our outings very well, but the story they don't tell is of food and fellowship around the table. Maybe the only way is a combination of it all.

I could list places we visited:
Queen's University Campus
The Palm House
The Ulster Museum
The Truck Park
Castle Espie
Giant's Ring
Murlough Beach
The Maze at Castlewellan
Titanic Belfast and The Boat Factory
Ferry across Strangford Lough
North Coast: Ballycastle, Ballintoy, Giant's Causeway, & Portstewart

Castle Ward
Downtown Belfast
St. Anne's Cathedral
The John Hewitt
Belfast Central Library
Sakura Japanese Restaurant
The Chocolate Room

Or moments that mattered:
Meeting Connor
Hearing the accent come out of Ryan
Being with dear friends
Double decker bus rides
Socks, Sweatshirts and Jackets
Ruby's Birthday
J driving on the 'other side' of the road
Connor FINALLY getting his quilt
Palm Sunday service
Picnic on the beach where they got engaged
New children's books
Drizzle and a snow flurry

Picnics in the car
The North Coast in sunshine (cold, but sunny)
Kids (and dads) rolling down a grassy hill

After the kids were in bed
Learning Shadows Over Camelot

Joan's generous and relaxed hospitality
Seeing the library where Michelle used to work
Good Friday service
Patrick driving us down to Dublin in the wee hours

Or the food!
Irish Farmhouse Bake
Death By Chocolate (aka Brandy Truffle Cake)
Belfast Black
Lemon Curd
Ulster Fry

Many moments are captured in my heart. Here are just a few visuals for you.


And Michelle's email. I have put it into my notebook. The precious words of a friend are cherished, especially when the miles and months build up.

We know we will meet again. It is just the where and when that are yet a mystery.


  1. Kristi - you are an amazing woman, an inspiration. I am glad that with a small, shared association with you I have had the contnued opportunity to peek into your world. Many blessings to you and yours ... Diane H (Seattle)

  2. Glad you could continue to slice unofficially last week! I like the list you compiled and the photos as well. It sounds like it was a great vacation.

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