Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother’s Day Celebrations

Sunday here is a regular weekday. As our typical morning routine unfolded, nothing was said about Mother’s Day.

I ‘happened by’ my husband’s office later in the morning. Still nothing.

In the afternoon I stopped by to tell him that he and G were taking me out to dinner. He responded, “OK. Is there a reason?”

The other gentleman in his office asked if it was my birthday or our anniversary. My husband knew it was neither of those.

I was laughing and left to let them figure it out.

By the time we headed to dinner someone had bailed him out and he was wishing me “Happy Mother’s Day”.


During this dinner outing G was not convinced that it was really Mother’s Day since her class was doing a Mother’s Day performance on Monday and she knew it was only Sunday, therefore it could not be Mother’s Day.


The Mother’s Day performance was exactly what you would expect from a room full of three and four year olds, and every mom in the room loved it.

Our adventure in the classroom didn’t end when the singing stopped. There were several centers setup for crafts and activities.

G was most excited about the Beauty Center and the chance to paint my nails, give me a massage, and do my hair. (It was the first time I have wished I was wearing a hijab. I even asked another mom if she had an extra in her purse.)


My favorite was making a ‘hand bouquet’.


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