Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thankful Thursday - Budding Reader

I am thankful that I live in a house with people who appreciate books, especially our budding reader.

It is hard to have any kind of print around without her dragging her finger across it 'reading' what it says. She uses context clues or initial sounds as she gives it a go.

The past few weeks she has been waking up before her clock turns yellow (see here for more explanation) and, after a hug, asks if she can go to her room and read. (!)

She is also enjoying reading books to us.


Sometime she memorizes it, most recently Roller Coaster by Marla Frazee, which she even took for Show and Tell. (Marla Frazee has impressed her. Her reading includes stating the title. Realizing she didn't know who the illustrator was, she asked me. When I told her Marla Frazee wrote the words AND drew the pictures G's esteem rose even further than it was already.)

Asking to repeat a page or line after me is her latest form of reading.

This morning I took these pictures of the mounds of book she has stashed around the house. She wants them out and visible, not in bins or on shelves.


We'll work on tidying up, but right now I am thankful that she loves to read.

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