Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How to stay dry

Today was the first real rain here in Beirut. Umbrellas and boots were everywhere. I can’t tell you how many times I was asked where my umbrella was.

I am from Seattle.
I don’t use an umbrella.
That is what Gortex is for. (With pit zips when it is balmy.)

Photography by Ed Schipul. Creative Commons 3.0

It is wonderful to finally have rain.

A northwest friend pointed out that is was just like a summer rain – something else that raises eyebrows here as it is considered winter, even though it is still in the 70s.

My little one is thrilled to see the rain. She has not experienced much of it in her life and still remembers how excited we got for the once a year rain in Jeddah. Today she was excited to be able to get out her rain coat (Gortex) and put on her rain boots. We’ll see how long until rain becomes common place for her. Supposedly we will see quite a bit of it here this winter.


  1. How strange it must be to move from a place where rain is usual to one where it is an event. Thinking of you in Beirut - sending good wishes your way.

  2. When I think of the 70's and rain that sounds great compared to 20-30's and snow/freezing ice pellets! A weather event that's celebrated-I'm with you, I'd much rather wear a raincoat than use an umbrella!