Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful for surgeons

We aren't celebrating Thanksgiving until tomorrow, as we have school today. I plan to set aside time to list some of my thanks then. Today it is about medical science.

Starting yesterday, and going until the 2nd of January, the following surgeries are happening to immediate family members.

My dad's wife had her hip replaced.

My dad is having a stint put in his other kidney.

My little brother is having shoulder surgery.

My mom is having cataract surgery.

Blessings on the surgeons, on those having surgery, and on those taking care of them while they recover.

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  1. I had the surgery on my right eye three years ago and till date no problems and great vision in that eye. Still needed glasses for reading and the left eye. Wednesday I had the surgery on the left eye. It was a breeze. Worst part was missing breakfast, I love breakfast!!! Don't get panic. Your family will be fine after the respective surgeries. May god bless!