Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Oh brain! Where art thou?

There are times that I seriously worry about how my brain works (or doesn't). I remember it starting when I was pregnant, but then I could just right it off to 'prego brain'. This was followed by 'mommy brain' and the understanding that lack of sleep combined with nursing and voila, my body was not my own.

 Outer surface of the human brain. Pubic domain.

So, creeping up on five years later, why do I still have moments that I just CAN NOT come up with a word or name that I really, really KNOW? Why do I find very creative spelling in my typing when I have been a very proficient typist since the days I learned on a typewriter? Why do I seem to not know where the edges of my skin are as I randomly bump into furniture and door frames?

Yes, I am able to function. I can still take care of everything that comes with being 'mommy'. I am still successfully challenging my students at differentiated level. I am able to have fulfilling conversations with adults on a variety of topics. And so on, but I miss my brain. I miss knowing that I could count on it.

I realize that there are far greater challenges in life. My ponderings do not come close to friends with health problems, aging family members, and horrific loss. I have SO MUCH to be thankful for. There are still times I wonder…


  1. Oh Krisiti, Don't you worry. What you have now is multi-tasking overload brain. One good vacation will temporarily cure it.

  2. I agree with Bernadette. I was going to say maybe you're hurrying too much? Slow down a little & see what happens! If it makes you feel better, students do that too! And they're certainly younger!

  3. Bernadette and Linda, I wish a vacation or slowing down would take care of it. It doesn't seem to make much differences (though I know sleep helps!)
    Thanks for trying to help me feel 'normal'. :)