Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Without internet–Lessons learned

Over Christmas Break we did not have internet at home. The thought of being without internet, all day, day after day, would normally be hard to take. The fact that we were on vacation (and had a phone that would call and text) meant that we were connected with those we immediately needed to be in touch with, but free from everything else. Days were spent with family and friends, enjoying our time in The States.

I had set a goal of reading one book a day. If I had the distraction of the internet I know I would have spent time there, rather than reading. The bookends of the day, the time when the rest of my family was in bed, I sat by the fire with the twinkling Christmas lights and turned page after page, losing myself in the words.

I enjoyed this combination of connecting with people in time and space AND a chance to read and read and read. There was also sleeping that happened, (though there were times that less sleep happened then might have been needed, due to the reading).


Now we are back in Lebanon, and have been for a couple of weeks. I have found the reading continues. Sleeping continues as well. Some time on the internet has returned, but not the diligence to write and post. I am excited about the opportunity to have a role within the COETAIL community once again, now as a coach. I know that when I am busier I am a better manager of my time. This coaching role will help to keep me more accountable to this blog.

Also, more sleep happens. Why am I sleeping so much? Probably lack of exercise (though a persistent head cold plays a part, too). I am sure if I was getting more exercise I wouldn’t collapse at the end of the day, falling into bed well before 9.30 7.30 many days.

As many others in the education world, January does not mark a ‘new year’, but as January slips away I am making goals, goals for my time. As a result, you will have more here to read. Hopefully I will find ways to get more exercise and still read and sleep. (I really like the read and sleep parts!)


  1. I wonder what I would do without the internet? What a perfect time to focus on other things and share with us your quality of life without.
    Happy 2014 Kristi

  2. Welcome back! I miss your blog when you are on hiatus.

  3. Glad you are back! It is interesting how lack of Internet can propel us to follow a different direction. What was the best book you read over the break?