Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Trying to not freak out


March is nearly here.

How am I ever going to make it through another year of slicing every, single, day of March if I sit down on a Tuesday, when I've had an entire week, and I just stare at the screen. I then stare at the candle. I then stare at the photos on the wall.

You get the idea.

I seem to remember thinking that my husband's comment about boredom would be good fodder, but it doesn't seem to get past a couple of disjointed sentences.

What about the backpacking trip we are getting to plan for the summer? Though I am thrilled, the words don't come.

Perhaps my errand to the cobbler this afternoon. Not many people probably experience their only two pairs of works shoes needing at least repair, if not have gone completely bust, in the span of three days.

Work? Something about a central place to keep student information, but that could get me in trouble. I won't rant publically.

I could make this a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' and see how a few sentences about each of the above could be strung together for a disjointed adventure, but I am sure it would just leave you perplexed.

What I am realizing is that part of my stumbling is coming from not writing every day, or even a few days each week, as I have in previous years. There are many reasons. One is that the new Teachers College Writing Units don't have us writing in our writing notebook daily. We are writing, but with a focus. Right now it is Research-Based Arguments. I can tell you lots about chocolate milk!

I don't even know, exactly, where my writing notebook is. Somewhere in the vicinity of my desk, I'm sure of that much. So, my goal is to rediscover it tomorrow and then actually open it and scrawl across some pages with my favorite blue Bic ballpoint. Hopefully, come next Tuesday I have some complete thoughts to share.


  1. I've had the same thoughts but trust that something will be worthy of writing. You know you can do it. ��

  2. Trust me I am going through the very same thing! Last week was my first slice in almost 6 weeks, but I think sometimes we just think too much . . . is it the perfect slice that will have everyone raving about?? Really it's not about that, at least this is what I am telling myself. Good luck ;-)

  3. I'm feeling the same way. I've just started the Slice of Life and am jumping in with both feet with the March challenge. Another teacher at my school is a first-timer too. We will encourage each other daily. You can do this.

  4. Today I had nothing. Through the week, though, I take pictures. So I went to this week's pictures to prompt my writing. Wasn't sure where I'd end up, or if it would be anything anyone would want to read. But that wasn't the point or goal. I just needed to make sure I wrote SOMETHING, because March is coming!!! I need to be "in the groove"!

  5. Yes, it's that it's-almost-March anxiety time already.But...we all feel the same way, and we all manage to make it through - with plenty to write about.

  6. I'm NOT writing. Not at all. I come here to read. I really enjoy what you write. So I will wait patiently (?) for your writing muse to return. In the meantime, I will remain one of your biggest supporters. Signed, Your Mom

  7. Last weekend I was looking at some of my draft posts and reading them again to see if they would work in March--when needed. Some will work, but others need revising before being ready to publish. I have to admit that a few drafts that I found, I don't even remember writing! Could be time to clean house in the draft folder! I look forward reading your slices in March!