Wednesday, February 26, 2014


This article about how moms spend their time caught my attention this week. I am blessed with a husband who is an active parent, takes on many tasks around the house, and does the bed time routine every other day. 

Mornings are still up to me. We all walk to school together, but prior to that my mornings are sent getting myself ready, making lunches and snacks for all three of us, making sure the little one is running on schedule, and knowing that dinner is figured out for when we get home. 

There are many reasons I am looking forward to the conference I am headed to, but only having to get myself ready is one of them.

That sentiment then spawns guilt. Guilt that I am headed to India, a place I love to be, for a conference, which the last time I attended it was the best PD I have ever had. On top of that I am at a different school and the budget is structured in a way that this time I am staying at the five star hotel, rather than the Ibis I was at last time.

Yes, there is guilt and I won't start counting the things I could feel guilty about. I left strong lesson plans for my students. My daughter wished me a good trip as she smiled and kissed me. My husband is competent. I have no worries that the world will keep spinning without me. In the mean time I am looking forward to quite and only being concerned with getting one person where they need to be.


  1. India! What a great opportunity and how lucky that you've been before. Why not share in the culture and be grateful for your wonderfully capable husband and your sweet daughter? Enjoy the moments. Namaste!

  2. How exotic this sounds to me, nestled in the snow in NE Iowa. Enjoy your time, leave the guilt at home. I'm sure you will come back refreshed and a better teacher, wife, mom for having taken a little time for yourself.