Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Full disclosure: The author of the book I will be talking about is a personal friend.

I had a book in my ‘to read’ pile for nearly a year. That, alone, is not unusual. What is so unusual about this book is that I was deeply looking forward to reading it. I bet you can relate. I knew that I love the characters and knew the writing was going to make me laugh and cry as I walked through life with them. Part of the joy of this book was the anticipation of reading it. I savored the anticipation.

I then savored reading it, at least for the couple of hours that it took me. And, I was correct. I love the characters. I laughed and felt the pain as their lives unfolded on the page.

This is not the first book I have looked forward to reading, nor the first book I have put off reading until just the right time to savor every word. The difference is that this is a memoir. On top of the characters not being fictional it was even a storyline that I knew, that I lived parts of it in ‘real time’ with these friends of  mine.

So what was the ‘perfect time’ to read the book? I was going to get to see Kimberlee and her family, we were spending an entire, glorious afternoon together. I probably would have savored the anticipation longer if I hadn’t wanted to talk with her about her book. That, too, was a joy that I savor.

 Cracking Up by Kimberlee Conway Ireton

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