Friday, August 15, 2014

Thankful Thursday

J flies out Saturday. That means the end of summer is (quickly) approaching. What am I particularly thankful for this week?

My best girlfriend from high school’s daughter is pregnant and her baby shower was this week. Wow!

We managed to get to spend an evening with my best guyfriend from high school. This is a real trick since we both live overseas. Having a time when we are both ‘at home’ at the same time is a real treat.

My brother and his family are down from Kodiak. This is a huge blessing. The cousins have been having a grand time exploring Seattle together.

Doesn’t seem like it fits with the theme, does it? The ability to do a few load of laundry all in less time than one load at our home in Beirut does not go unappreciated.

Time in the Northwest.
This week that has been everything from too hot (in the 90s) to just right (overcast, occasional rain, and 70s).

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