Tuesday, October 21, 2014

W.W.W.–World Without Web

License: CC0 Public Domain

Lessons plans are set for the day.

Math – continue the mini unit on spatial awareness using the Google Doc you shared yesterday that includes links for games and instructions for activities.

Literacy – continue writing the answers to the F.A.Q. page as part of tech integration. This assignment utilizes collaborative Google Docs for writing as a group as well as being able to imbed images.

S.S. – continue map skills using a variety of resources online

And then the internet is down.
Luckily teachers are good at punting.

Math – pull out any geometric shapes and come up with an activity to have students make a design, put a ruler next to it, and have a partner ‘mirror’ that image.

Literacy – change to Reading Workshop and add a mini lesson on character development that was planned for a few days later.

S.S. – pull out physical atlases and manage to open the Google Doc of instructions during one of the fifteen minutes there is internet access throughout the day. Post the instructions on the board with the data projector. Bonus – learn the value of the index!


  1. If I had a nickel for every time I've had to rearrange plans because of a tech problem...

    Technology is great, except when it isn't. Teachers are resourceful...always!

  2. Luckily teachers are good at punting. ...That line made me smile! So true!