Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Keeping Her Up At Night


The big sigh as I close her door following, “I love you. I’ll see you in the morning.” is one of my favorite parts of the day. The evening is before me, either to spend time with grownups, catch up on household tasks or school work, or simply veg. And then the unexpected, but not uncommon sighting of the little one.

Sometimes she is simply checking out who is in the living room and heads back to her room. Sometimes she delivers her depleted headlamp batteries, in which case I put them in the charger and tell her I’ll see her in the morning (hoping that will deter the late night reading – ya, right!) Sometimes she needs another visit to the bathroom, and on rare occasions it is something else.

Tonight was one of the latter.

A girl at school has been calling her ‘god’ and it really bothers her. I know that my daughter hears it as ‘God’ and her faith is strong and she knows that God is someone she most definitely is NOT. I have no idea if the other girl means it as ‘god’ or ‘God’ and frankly, it doesn’t matter.

For me, this is interesting for two reasons. The first is that she is so related to her daddy that she can’t turn her brain off and just go to sleep! The other is how upsetting to her this is. Of all the names another kid could choose, this is the most upsetting. What does that tell you about my daughter?


  1. Interesting. I also have a 5 year old and God is fascinating to him! They can't separate the big stuff from the little stuff. It's beyond my scope of parenting honestly. Just wanted to say that I feel you! Glad I stopped over from SOL.

  2. I think it says she really honors God. She is like Peter who didn't feel he deserved to be compared to Christ. Thanks for sharing.