Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thankful Thursday–My Cozy Bed


My husband is always at least warm and I generally am looking for another layer or two. Come bed time this leaves him with a single sheet and me wanting an electric blanket, hot water bottle and a couple of quilts. Knowing this, when my husband came across these sheets that are half fleece, half cotton he knew he has found a great gift idea for me.



The folks at Split The Sheets are brilliant. Both the flat and fitted sheets are half and half. The pillow cases are one side with fleece and one side with cotton so you can choose. We have had the set we use overseas (king size) for more than seven years. He knows how much I love them that our Christmas in our U.S. home he surprised me yet again by having a set (queen size) waiting on our bed.

These sheets make me so happy. I love knowing that when I crawl into bed I won’t have to warm up my spot. I love the softness as I am snuggled in bed. I so appreciate that he doesn’t have so suffer with sheets that he would roast in to make me this happy. (And, there is the added bonus of always knowing who is hogging the bed since there is a line down the middle!) Also, it is possible to snuggle with each of you still on your preferred fabric. The only downside is that it is even harder to get out of bed.

Split the Sheets! Dual Comfort Cotton & Fleece Sheets in One!

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