Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The End Is Near


In the world of many a teacher, student, and parent, it's nearly here. (I really don't want to think about those for which it is already here, so right now I am creating my own reality.) Yes, summer vacation is nearly upon us.

For my students that means one more day of 'normal' and then their promotion ceremony. Normal has been absolutely normal, at least for the students, up through today. (I have had the extra craziness of report cards and slide shows, etc.) We have still been doing lots of learning, on task to keep us distracted while the end sneaks up on us.

Once the calendar turned to June the count down seemed to be in full swing throughout our building. In my room it was outlawed. If they had time to be counting down they weren't on task, we still had so much to do! The amazing thing is, it has worked. Not once have I had a student (at least within my hearing) state how many days are left in their elementary career. Students have been reading and writing, solving math equations and trying to decipher what word problems are asking of them. Students have been wrapped up in a multi-layered culminating project that incorporates writing, social studies, and technology. We have still had morning meeting and homework.

Today the end became nearer as I had them clean out almost everything from their cubbies. We went through their folders in my filing cabinet and they took home all the work that doesn't need to stay in their file. There is no math homework tonight. I closed the classroom library and went through their 40 Book Reading Challenges with them. We finished our final read aloud chapter book. They learned how to receive a certificate while shaking hands (after climbing up the stairs to the stage without tripping or stomping).

Tomorrow we have a few learning tasks ahead of us, but also some ways to wrap up our time as a community. We will also have a full run-through of the promotion ceremony, as Thursday they arrive for some class photos (looking posh) and then it is down to sit in front of their parents and special family guests before leaving the elementary for the last time. The end of their elementary journey is near.


  1. Like you, I made my students work 'till the end. What other way is there? (My last three years in the classroom were spent watching "Akeela and the Bee." That's not too bad, right?)

    Happy almost-summer!

  2. The end of the year is like no other time... So bittersweet and BUSY! Good luck finishing up!

  3. Have a wonderful final few hours, Kristi. We had all those "things" last week, special hours together, with parents, with other classes & teachers.

  4. I was wondering if you'd be in Seattle this summer, and then I read your recent post that sounds like you're leaving Lebanon. Let me know if you're in the Seattle area. I would love to meet at a bookstore to chat before you head ?. Your end of the year is the best kind. I always kept my students busy to the end too. It was better for all of us that way. But then, suddenly, it was the last day, and I was always sad and joyful at the same time. Sounds like a wonderful group this year.