Tuesday, January 10, 2017

OLW entry that doesn't contain One Little Word

Not your typical OLW entry as I don't have a word! What? How can this be a OLW entry without a word? Read on.

The past few years the OLW thing has really taken off. If you know me, you would think that it would be right up my ally. I am all about concise. I love reflection. A mantra - yes, please! Goals are a regular part of my life. So why can't I get on the OLW bandwagon?

I have no idea.

Finally I am OK with living amongst all of you OLW folks and not being a part of the 'game'. I have decided that I can live on the outside of this 'inner circle' of posts and thoughts and be OK with it.

Anyone else?


  1. Think I am pretty much right there with you. Last week I sliced about needing two little words. But I don't print it/them out or create art around my OLW, or reflect once a month on how I'm doing, or anything like that. I don't need any more things in my life to be responsible for!

  2. Sometimes "projects" like these just don't mesh with your personality. It sounds like a good idea, but you just can't make it work. You know when something clicks inside, and when it doesn't. And if it doesn't, let it go. As the 12-step programs say, take what you like and leave the rest. I'm glad you are okay with not being with this particular program.