Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Little One's Wisdom

We have been working on getting things ready around here: reading lamp over the guest bed installed, drawers and shelves cleared out, quilt hung on the wall, couple more piece of IKEA furniture purchased and assembled, another shoe rack put up, and my daughter not only cleaned her room, but also reorganized her library. 

Why all the fuss? Grandma is coming! She is spending the month of March here and then going on Spring Break with us.

After this weekend's round of accomplishments my daughter and I were flopped down on her bed.

"I'm ready for Grandma to come. What about you?"

"Mom, we already bought the tickets. It would be really expensive to have to buy other ones. You are just going to have to wait."


She's been paying attention.

Guess now's not the time to tell her about 'change fees'.

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