Tuesday, February 7, 2017

"Old" Moms

A childhood friend posted a picture on Facebook to show how much she loves a new lipstick. The color was fabulous and vibrant, but that wasn't what caught my attention. In fact, it took me several moments to even register what the words were saying because the picture, I was sure, was of her mother - although it wasn't. 

The smiling woman looked like the mother of my six year old friend, but we were six decades ago. I did the math and realized that we ARE about the age our mothers were when we were six. The woman with the lovely lipstick looked to be in her mid forties!

I had to stop and let that sink in for a while. 

It isn't that I don't know that I'm in my mid forties. I am well aware and am loving this decade of life. I don't know why the picture and my realization struck me so profoundly, but it did. I find myself flooded with memories of being six and playing with this friend - and wishing we weren't so far apart now. I would love to get on a plane and spend a few days with her, sharing all that God has done in our lives since we went separate ways after high school, though to be honest, we haven't been particularly close since elementary school. It may just be me, but I still feel particularly tied to her and I don't know why. Perhaps that is part of the wonder of childhood friends - and their 'old' moms.

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  1. There are so many people I'd love to go back in time to hang out with again. If only that were possible...