Friday, October 28, 2011

From Her Perspective

This summer I attended a class called "Re-writing From The Margins" with Anne Marie Ekland Russell at Holden Village. Here is what I wrote based on Mark 5.21-43.

I woke up from my nap and there were strangers in my room. It was so weird - especially because they were men! What were my parents thinking to allow (invite?) four strange men into my room? They know I am of age as they have been discussing my approaching betrothal. Are they crazy?

I started to wonder if I was still asleep. It must be a dream as one of them tells me to wake up. Even more bizarre is that I do, without any hesitation! His voice has both comfort and authority in it.

My parents stood there with their mouths hanging open. Then this guy, (I later find out his name is Jesus) tells everyone - with that same authority in his voice - to keep this a secret.

What is so secret? What were they doing while I slept that must be hushed? At least he became practical and ordered my parents to feed me. Good thing too as I was famished.

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