Saturday, February 18, 2012


How are my thoughts changing? My thoughts have been preoccupied with notions of Unplugged. I know my thoughts will be changing plenty later this week as I am surrounded by people who share a goal of providing students with the technology skills they need through integrated lesson. I am sure I can't even imagine some of the changes that will happen within my own understanding of what 21st century schools and tech integration look like. I am anxious with anticipation.

One of the filters I will be taking things in through is that of Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Map. As Andrew Churches points out in his article, "Bloom's Taxonomy Blooms Digitally", our goal continues to be to push thinking to the higher rungs, but now we need to think about how to do that through a digital medium. I have printed out Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Map and have it inside my plan book. It is there, as a hard copy, to remind me to look at it often as I try to push myself and my students further up and further on.


I love the list of verbs on this map. Verbs are how we think about what we want students to be doing and this handy resource lets me think of the verb and then reference the map to see what rung that action applies to. Is there anyway I can incorporate rungs higher up the ladder in the same lesson? This is my goal. Yes, students still need to be able to understand, but remembering and understanding lessons are plentiful. Even finding ways to apply their learning are not atypical. How often am I encouraging them to analyze, evaluate, or create? That is the question I will be focusing on. How about you?

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