Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I have been waiting to find out if I am starting a class/program this week. (I am!)
COETAIL graphic

I am waiting to share some life changes. (Can't tell yet.)
medium_5562689503_question mark

I am waiting for a PD trip in a couple of weeks. (I fly two weeks from tonight.)

In the mean time I shall be doing report cards
(and all the fun that goes with them).
report card pic

That is my Slice of Life today, with linked images. (Join the fun!)


  1. Busy! Where do you travel for the PD trip?

  2. Busy! Where do you travel for the PD trip?

  3. The word busy doesn't really describe your world, but then I don't know what a good word would be, hectic? Exciting things are happening to you, I know you will keep us informed. Bombay? Wow! Enjoy and learn lots!

  4. The fun part of report cards is when they are finished! Good luck with all your exciting adventures.

  5. Wow, I didn't quite understand it all, but going to Bombay to learn more about 21st Century learning sounds very exciting. Happy Travels!

  6. Ooh, it sounds like a lot of exciting things are coming up for you, including connecting with our class! My students and I are very excited. Please share with us about your conference afterwards.

    jee young