Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Soul Smiles


Ping, Ping


Ping, Ping, Ping

My mind becomes conscious, though my eyes stay shut. I can tell from the darkness pushing on my eye lids that it is still night. I can’t tell if that means 11pm or 2am.

Some rights reserved by Arlo Bates

The pinging continues. I only know of two things that make that sound. Our bedroom air conditioner is an old style where the metal box sits outside the house. The pinging sound is either bird claws doing a tap dance or it is rain.


I open my eyes and spring out of bed. I cross the room quickly, lift the shade, and peer out the window. Our bedroom is too high up and there isn’t enough light for me to be able to see anything. I head downstairs and open the front door.

It is really raining. Not just a few drops, but steady rain falling from the sky!
I retrieve my camping chair and place it on the front porch, mostly under the overhang. It is 4:45am. I am in my nightgown with my bare legs and feet out in the rain. The temperature is perfect. Ah, I think, I could sit here until the sun comes up.

But I don’t. The mosquitoes find me. When the fourth one lands I decide it is better to head inside than itch for days.

By the time G wakes up the rain has stopped and the clouds are parting. I am sure the overall accumulation is barely anything, but it rained. We haven’t had more than 4 drops, one afternoon, in nearly two years. My Seattle soul smiles.

Some rights reserved by sea turtle

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  1. Oh, beautiful, & you have shown the anticipation while in bed so well, then the sitting on the porch, marvelous. Has it really been 2 years? I thought we were dry here! Love that end photo. Seattle inside means great longing sometimes I suspect. Thanks, Kristi.