Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Precious Moment

A room full of grown-ups, most of whom she is meeting for the first time. It doesn't take long for her to realize she is the sole child. She can use that to her advantage. She makes her way to her purse and pulls out her Silly Putty. The blue Silly Putty becomes 'band-aids' for her imagined wa-was (Arabic for owies). Circulating the room to show off her handy work gets fabulous reactions.


After dinner the adults' attention shifts to the two dear people we have gathered to say good-bye to. We congregate in the living room to cover them in prayers. G is in the dining room hamming it up with Daddy and another friend. As soon as she realizes what is happening in the living room she makes a bee line to the group and stands close; still and quiet.


This is a precious moment to me. My child's spirituality continues to touch my heart. She is very tuned in to moments that she can be part of a community drawing closer to God. I am thankful for the reminders and the blessings.

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