Tuesday, April 10, 2012



Yesterday morning G spied something glowing in our room. I went and got it telling her it was her new clock and that it is special. Eager to hear about the 'special' part she looked at me anxiously.

I explained that when it is 'waking time' it is yellow (as it was then) and when it was 'sleeping time' it would turn blue. (There are specific 'times' for many things at school and this is how she often refers to activities - 'eating time', 'circle time', 'reading time', etc.)

I had no idea how excited she would be about this clock!

She asked me to move it to a different place in her room so she could see it better. I did. She got dressed and we headed to school.


I was surprised by how many people she told about her clock, both before school and after school. (Probably during school as well, but I wasn't there to hear.) The part she was always sure to share was about her clock's colors and their meanings.

J put her to bed last night. She was happy to have had the clock turn blue for 'sleeping time'.

I waited for this morning.

In order to get to school on time I have to get her up by 7 a.m. She usually wakes up on her own sometime between 6:30 and 7. I don't actually want her up before 6:50 so that is when I set the clock to turn yellow.

Just after 6:30 I heard her singing "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star". I peeped through the keyhole (yes, we have old skeleton key holes in our house) just as she turned to see her clock. I waited.

At getting close to three years old, she often processes her thoughts out loud, but this time she didn't. She simply laid back down. I figured she was watching the clock to see it turn yellow.

As 6:50 approached I turned up her monitor and listened.


About five minutes later I went in to get her. She was still laying down, but with her head turned away from the clock. As she heard me come in she sat up and said, "it's bl…", but as she spied her clocked her eyes lit up. She realized it had turned yellow, waking time.


  1. Hum-this sounds like something I should get for my granddaughter-3 next Sunday. What fun it sounds like! it's great she likes it so much, Kristi.

  2. What a cool concept for a clock! I was eager to read how your daughter reacted to having to wait for "waking time." I was expected some self-talk too, but it seems she has more patience than I do!

  3. What a lovely story.
    I waited.
    Your spacing and your short sentences and your daughters dialog, made the story interesting to read.