Tuesday, November 12, 2013

When A Tiara Isn’t Just A Tiara


There was a last minute costume change requested by the little one for Halloween this year. It involved the need of a tiara. I was not worried as I remembered a shop, across the street from our house, in which I had seen a tiara a couple of months ago. Of course, they no longer had any.

Fortunately my parents had not left the States yet and my mom was able to find one and deliver it in time.


For Halloween the new tiara topped off the princess costume. Now it is being worn many days a week. Why? She is wearing it as a headband.

So, a tiara is not just a tiara when its functional purpose is as a headband.


  1. You need to go read Stacey's post too. Princesses thrive! Glad you found a tiara for the royal girl!

  2. Oh my goodness...what beautiful red hair.

  3. Cute picture...have you read Pippi Longstocking with her yet? Any red-headed girl's gotta love that red-headed girl!