Saturday, March 1, 2014

Let The Challenge Begin!

How did it get to be March? The Slice of Life Story Challenge starts today. The Iditarod starts this weekend. Ash Wednesday is a few days away. Before I know it Spring Break will be upon us and when I turn around my little one will be five and then summer will be here. 

It is a good thing I get get 31 opportunities to reflect on what is going on in my world. Thirty one opportunities to slow down. Thirty one opportunities to find things to be thankful for. Thirty one opportunities to reflect on the world around me, specifically. Thirty one opportunities to admire the writing of others and multitudes of opportunities to connect with others and their stories.

During this time there will be big things and small things to write about. There will be celebrations and grief. There will be the monotony of life and the adventures. There will be days when I am exploding with ideas and days I struggle to get something down.

I appreciate this yearly challenge. I appreciate the focus and the challenge.

Welcome everyone! Here we go...


  1. I like how you make the summer feel so close. Your list of opportunities makes this challenge sound less daunting. Happy writing!

  2. Yes, here we go...I don't remember what March was like without this challenge!