Tuesday, June 17, 2014

How many pairs does one girl need?!


I was a little shocked to realize that my five year old daughter currently has ten eleven pairs of footwear. (I had forgotten to count her slippers.)

I generally buy her clothes when we are in the states, on sale. I then store them until she reaches that size or need. As it starts to be warm I got out the new flip-flops. While I was going through my stash I found a few pairs of shoes I had been saving, because how many pairs can she really wear at one time? I then realized that she will outgrow them before she ever wears them if I don’t get them out. Those, plus a pair of hand-me-downs and a pair Grandma couldn’t resist and here we are; rain boots, slippers, P.E. shoes, flip-flops, and a bunch of other shoes.

As she was going to bed last night I realized that the child had managed to wear the above five pairs, all over the course of ONE day.

She wore the purple sparkly shoes for her Learning Celebration.
She wore her flip-flops when she went on errands.
She wore her flower ‘tie’ shoes to go to ‘after school care’.
She wore her purple Crocs to go see Mr. Ali for a hair trim.
She wore the silver and pink Converse to go get hummus from Mr. Joseph.

Maybe it isn’t too many after all.

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  1. Oh, dear, she is on her way to being one of those people who need a whole closet just for their shoes! Shoes are not my thing. HOWEVER, I should have known my daughter would be a shoe person when I couldn't get her shiny red shoes off her feet for two days straight...yes, sleeping in them...at the age of 2. You pick your battles.
    Love that picture of the shoe line-up! My daughter took a picture of her collection once, in a big circle, toes in... That would be fun to try! We'll need to see it if you do!

  2. Donna,
    I had them in a circle as I was moving them and thought it looked cool, but had this linear idea for the story in my mind. I am not sure I can bring myself to put them ALL together. (And I just realized there will be ballet shoes for ballet camp this summer. Ugh!)

  3. Your talk about the 'five year old' caught me, Kristi, as I've had my five year old granddaughter with me (plus the rest of the family) for a few weeks while they do some renovations in their home. She too has a lot of shoes, specific for the occasion as you described. Don't know how it happens, maybe our modeling? Funny to hear about!