Tuesday, June 10, 2014

You’re invited…


So many times, at this point in the year, we receive invitations. Invitations for graduation and going away parties. Part of it is the nature of the school calendar and part of it is the nature of being an expat.

At one of these gatherings last night the idea was brought up about trying to spread some of these out. Not much happens in February, can we have a couple then?

So, on top of end of the school year craziness, grading, getting a room ready for the summer, packing, and planning trips, and prepping for next year there are lots of other engagements that crowd the calendar and take time and energy.

It is an honor to get to spend time with people and show that you have value who they are and how they have contributed to your community. And these days, it is many slices of my life.

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  1. Yes, yes indeed. There is so much wrapping up, cleaning up, saying good-bye in education. I know it is important, but it is exhausting!

  2. I think a party is definitely in order for February. Great idea Kristi :)